About the Studio

Star Music Studio was founded in 2003, when Mrs. Kuhn began teaching while in her sophmore year of college. It started with just  a few neighbor girls and branched out from there. The Studio has been based out of Mrs. Kuhn's home and has moved several times.

Mrs. Kuhn In Nashville, TN 


About the Teacher

Mrs. Kuhn began lessons at the age of 9 and is even now still perfecting her skills (18 years later)   under a professor at the college she is attending to get her degree in K-3 education. She is the pianist for her church, as well as the assistant pastor's wife. She's friendly and outgoing and loves teaching. 

Studio Mission Statement:

Star Music will endeavor to instill in its students a passion for good music with the beauty and order in which it was created,
and to help them express that beauty as it is instilled