Studio Policies

Parental Involvement:

While most students are initially excited to begin taking piano lessons, please be aware that they will face challenges and sometimes frustrations. It is at these times they will need the most encouragement and praise  from you.

In addition to this please:

  • Set up regular daily practice sessions for your child. (I require 5-6 days of practice per week.)
  • Supervise their practice sessions and sign practice journals, making sure your child completes all assignments.
  • Provide feedback and suggestions for me that will increase the effectiveness of each lesson. 
  • Play quality music in your home and car. 
  • Sit in on lessons periodically 
  • Ensure that your child arrives at their lesson on time with the needed books and signed practice journal. (not too early-not too late, 5 minutes beforehand is good)

Year end evaluations, please plan to attend this session as you will be given a questionnaire to fill out ahead of time that will help me as we discuss your child's progress over the past year and clarify direction and goals for the coming year. 

Student Responsibilities:

  1. Complete daily practice and accurately record it in your practice journal.
  2. Be prepared for the lesson. (with all books, completed theory assignments and signed Practice Journal)
  3. Keep fingernails trimmed short (should not extend past the end of the finger) to ensure proper hand position and playing technique.
  4. Wash hands before each lesson.


Students who establish good practice habits from the beginning will progress more rapidly and find piano practice and lessons more enjoyable. The amount of time required for good quality practice will vary depending on the student's age and playing level. More importantly, however, is that practice is done on a consistent daily basis with a clear goal in mind. Specific practice assignments are given each week and all practicing must be recorded by the student in their Practice Journal and signed by a parent. 

In the event that daily practice is not being completed, I will work with the student (and parent, if necessary) to determine the cause and possible solutions. 

Studio Enrollment and Fees

  • Enrollment is for a year of lessons (with a trial period of 1 month). Whatever date you begin taking lessons will become your anniversary date, and re-enrollment will be required on that date the following year, before lessons can be continued.
  • The tuition cost of lessons is $10 per half hour, $15 per 45 minute lesson and $20 per hour lesson. 
  • The schedule for each semester of lessons is posted on our website and will also be available in our monthly newsletter at the beginning of said semester.
  • The schedule is structured to allow for one extra week of no lessons at Mrs. Kuhn's discretion.
  • Invoices will be mailed/e-mailed in the last week of the month and payments may be made by check, cash or money order.
  • Payments are due on the 10th of the month. Any payment made after this date will incur a $10 re-billing fee. 

Missed Lessons

  • If your child becomes sick or is otherwise unable to attend a lesson, please call me as soon as possible. I schedule each day with the assumption that every student will attend. Canceled lesson spots in a week will be made available to students for a make up lesson. 
  • If I am ever unable to give your child a lesson, I will notify you as soon as possible, as well. 
  • If you miss a lesson and have not notified me via email or phone before the scheduled lesson time you will still be billed for the missed lesson. Persistent failure to notify me about missing a lesson is grounds for dismissal from lessons. 

Obtaining Books and Other Necessary Supplies

  • Your child will need 2-3 new books ($7-$10 each), approximately every six months, depending on their progress. They may also need supplemental books throughout the year at different intervals. I will purchase the books and the amounts will be included on your bill for the following month. 
  • Metronome-If you do not already own one, you will need to purchase one (approximately $20-$40) within the first month of lessons. (They are available for sale in the Studio Store link on the studio website)
  • Practice Journal/ Assignment Book- For your Assignment/ and Practice Journal you will receive with your first lesson a spiral bound book that will be your assignment notebook, as well as your practice journal, it will have this studio policy in it as well as a copy of your enrollment forms signed and contracts signed. In the back will be a pocket that will be used for Parent/Teacher communication. Please check this pocket each week after your child's lesson and respond accordingly. The Fee for this Assignment/Journal is included in your lesson fees. 

The Piano

  • You must have a full size piano/keyboard (88 keys) in your home. A piano is strongly recommended as nothing can replace it's touch and sound. If you have a keyboard/electric piano you will need a sustain pedal as well. This is also for sale on the studio store tab on the bar to your left. 
  • A piano should be tuned once each year. Should you need help finding someone to tune your piano, please let me know as I do have a reference for you.
  • The piano should be located in a well lit place with as minimal distractions as possible. 

At the Studio

  • Students who remain at the Studio when it is not their lesson time, must remain in the studio area. They may bring their own books or school work. But must remain quiet. 
  • It is strongly Recommended that students under the age of 10 be accompanied by a responsible adult. 


If any of the following persists after I have notified you and provided time to correct it, I regret that I will have to dismiss the student:

  • The student demonstrates a lack of interest and willingness to participate during lesson time.
  • The student consistently fails to show diligence and determination in home practice.
  • Lack of dependability, and commitment exhibited in persistent absences or chronic lateness. 
  • Persistent Missing of lessons without notifying me ahead of your scheduled lesson time. 

Final Note:

Thank you for considering me as a piano teacher for your child. My goal is to serve you and strive to meet the individual needs of each student. Please feel free to communicate with me openly if you ever have any questions, comments, or suggestions.